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"I am amazed at the time the therapists take with me. I can't believe I actually get a FULL HOUR with a PT, unlike other therapy clinics I’ve been to. They take a real personal interest in my getting better and Dreher Therapy Associates really know what they're doing! My plantar fasciitis that I've been struggling with for over 2 years is almost gone now, and I've been able to start hiking again like I used to.”

- MM, Arlingtn

Dreher Therapy Associates - Massage & Physical Therapy - Newton MA

These videos are for patients of Tim Dreher Physical Therapy only. Videos are not intended to be used without proper instruction from a PT
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We are a team of Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and Personal trainers, with many years of experience. We are dedicated to offering high quality therapy and specialize in orthopedics, neurology, sports medicine, geriatrics and pain management but cover a wide range of diagnoses.

  • FULL ONE HOUR appointments
  • Treatment by a licensed PT; never an aide
  • Individualized and personalized sessions
  • Covered by Medicare and most insurances

Our therapy is offered in our new West Newton Fitness and Wellness Center. We also offer in-home therapy for those with mobility concerns. By matching your diagnosis and schedule with one of our many therapists, we are uniquely able to give each patient the treatment time and attention he or she deserve.

Mission statement of Dreher Therapy Associates

I believe that people spend a lot of time learning how to use a computer, improving skills for our careers, taking care of family and friends, etc.

Relationships, jobs, computers all come and go, but the only constant in life is our body. It is our body that we will always have. Yet it is often the thing we pay so little attention to and certainly understand the least.

We can install surround-sound on our TVs, download files on our computer, provide impressive spreadsheets to our boss, but do we understand the cause of pain or weakness in our own bodies?

I believe the role of therapy is to provide our clients with an 'instruction manual' for their bodies. Not only will we take care of the problem you initially come to us for; our goal is to also prevent future tendonitis, bursitis, rotator cuff, back and neck pain. We will teach you proper stretching and strengthening exercises for your whole body,make sure you maintain a healthy heart and bones; and have a solid fitness program in place. THIS is holistic medicine-looking at the whole picture!

- Tim Dreher, Dreher Therapy Associates

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